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What is a customized garden design?

Written by Anne Marie DiMatteo | Sat, Jun 21, 2014
A customized garden design takes the needs of each individual homeowner into consideration and applies them directly to the design plan. Although garden design plans can be customized in many ways, here are a few examples of customized garden designs.

1. COLOR-- A garden can reflect any and all colors of your choice, whether you have a favorite combination or a relaxing hue that you enjoy. Our customer below wanted to pull in her driveway and enjoy vibrant purple plants as well as the natural coloring of green and soft pinks.

2. SCENT and TEXTURE-- For example, lavendar can be planted along your walkway or your back patio. Various plants add texture to enhance a garden bed or add privacy like the evergreen shrub border below.

3. SEASONAL INTEREST-- What do you enjoy looking at in your yard? Do you prefer snow on evergreen shrubs, colorful flowers, red berries, fruit, etc.? Selecting the plants that satisfy your preferences is a challenging task without the help of a professional.


Hiring a professional landscape designer will guarantee that you get a truly customized garden design to fit your landscape wants and needs. To learn more about personalized landscape designs, please download our guide below.