Reasons to Consider a Custom Landscape Design

Before making any major decision regarding a home, any homeowner should do their due dilligence by researching their problem as well as all the possible solutions. Deciding what to do with your yard and then choosing the right landscape design can be very daunting and exhausting. We like to encourage potential customers to think about how they want to use their yard and the aspects of their existing conditions that they don't like.

Contemplating these topics will help to guide the landscape design process along a smooth and efficient path. Having a design plan completed prior to the installation will save money, time, and potential mistakes along the way. Choosing a company that truly designed customized landscapes is important for 3 main reasons:

1. You will avoid hidden costs from creeping up by cutting initial corners.

2. The plan will work within the current ecosystem in your yard and therefore create long term sustainability and healthy plant life. It will also have carefully selected plants according to your planting zone and strategically placed hardscape features (patio, deck, etc) to maximize usage and allow for proper drainage.

3. The design plan will reflect YOUR vision. Your yard will look and work the way you have always dreamed it would. You will get to look at the colors, textures, and shapes of plants you like and not standard shrubs randomly placed in your yard. A truly customized landscape design plan will not look like any of your neighbors yards.

Finding the right landscape designer can be a challenging task. Remember to always research a company to fully understand the type of work they are known for. It is important to find a company you can align yourself with to ensure you are able to work and communicate well together.

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