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Snow Adds Character to Winter Interest Plants

As the fresh snow accumulates inch by inch, and school is canceled, and work is graciously closed, and we are left to enjoy the serenity of a cup of hot cocoa in front of the fireplace, take a stroll outside when the blizzard finally subsides and check out the beauty that now surrounds us!

The snow will have covered the streets, houses, and most spectacularly- the trees and plants all around us. I find snow-covered trees to be one of the most beautiful sights. I love seeing the leafless maple and oak trees with snow covering their branches (a natural accumulation measuring tool). Another favorite winter plant with snow is the evergreen tree and shrub. Every version and variety of this family of plants looks equally splendid layered with snow.

I pointed out the "two distinctive characteristics of winter interest plants" in a previous blog article, but nothing says "winter interest plants" like snow on the branches, stems, and trunks of ALL the plants and shrubs around!

Email us a picture if your newly covered, favorite winter interest plant!