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Early Signs of Spring

Written by Judith Lipson- Rubin | Thu, Feb 17, 2011

February is half way over!! This means its time to start looking for  early signs of spring! There is nothing I love more than looking out from my home office window and seeing a glimmer of hope for warm weather radiating out of the snow covered garden. The following are just a few examples of plants that start budding in the early spring! Keep your eyes peeled for these beautiful buds as they start appearing.

1- Hamamelis x intermedia has many different variations, but two of my favorite that bloom in the early spring are:
    •    ‘Diane’: buds will start blooming now and then we get to see their beautiful dark coppery red and lightly scented flowers!
    •    ‘Arnold Promise’: yellow with a lemony fragrance

2- My favorite variations of the Helleborus:
    •    Helleborus orientalis ‘Lenten Rose’- a beautiful, very early bloom amongst leathery, glossy, evergreen leaves
    •    Helleborus niger ‘Christmas Rose’- glossy leaves and eggshell white flowers, first to bloom in the spring!
    •    Helleborus Walhelivor ‘Ivory Prince’ - burgundy buds that open to flattened ivory-white blossoms, blooms from March-April

We can't forget about the bulbs that are early spring bloomers!

The crocus blooms in late March with beautiful orange, yellow, blue, and purple colors. The scilla also bloom in late March with magnificant white and blue colors. Lastly, the muscari blooms in late March with deep blue and purple colors.

When you see some buds growing on plants, take a picture and send it in to us!

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