Location! Location! Location! The Importance of Plant Location.

Before you start digging up your yard to plant a garden or add a few new shrubs, plans should be made to make the most of your garden layout. The first thing to understand is the sun and shade exposure throughout your yard. This week I am going to focus on one specific plant that thrives when correctly placed.

The plant this week- a LILY! Also know as, a Plantain Lily or Hosta, with a botanical name of Hosta plantaginea or Hosta x.

All Plantain Lilys require part shade- either sun to part shade or shade to part shade. Refer to a previous blog article for more detailed definitions of what part and full shade mean. The following pictures will show just how important plant location is!

An example of TOO MUCH SUN for a part sun/ part shade Hosta:

shade garden layout

What about TOO MUCH SHADE? Look at this poor Hosta, left to wilt away under a completely shadey overhang...

shade garden design

And finally, perfectly placed Hosta 'Golden Tiara', it requires mostly shade with part sun- look at the beautiful foliage!

shade garden design


Whether you are designing a shade garden layout or a simple garden design layout, it is extremely important to fully understand site conditions as well as plant sun requirements.


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