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Money Saving Tips for Late Summer Gardening

We still have some time before the end of gardening season! Here are a few helpful tips to save money as you continue to garden until the end of the season.

1- Discounts! Many garden centers and nurseries have late summer discounts after the summer buying rush is over. It is important to remember though, you get what you pay for. Discounted plants tend to spend too much time on racks and end up in need of some extra attention. Try pinching back stems just above a set of leaves to encourage branching. Before planting, add compost or soil to enrich the soil. Late summer discounts are worth taking advantage of!

2- TLC! Buying new tools this late in the season is not the best use of money. Give your old tools a little extra TLC as the season comes to an end. Better Homes & Gardens has a great resource for turning worn out tools into great workers again. Check out for more information!

3- New Flowers! An easy way to change up your garden or to fill in gaps in your garden is to let flowers that sow their own seeds grow where ever the wind takes them! Plants like black-eyed Susan, hollyhock, and alyssum can grow where they blow. By delaying the deadheading process, flowers have an easier time spreading.

Use these few tips to help save you money and get the most out of this garden season!