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Why Do I Need Fall Clean Up Services?

Anne Marie DiMatteo | 23 September, 2011 | Maintenance and Care

Why does one need fall clean up services? This is a great question! Here is why Moodscapes feels it is very important to schedule a fall clean up as soon as the leaves fall.

What is a fall clean up?
A fall clean up consists of debris and leaf removal services, a final weeding, pruning plants and shrubs, garden clean up, and winter bed preparation.

Why is it important?
Debris and Leaf Removal- This is very important in order to assure healthy grass next season. If debris and leaf is not removed on the grassy parts of your yard, it will break down from the snow and cause grass to turn yellow and brown.

A Final Weeding- Weeds are persistent but by doing one final round of weeding before the first frost, it will give you a head start come next spring. Once the spring comes and things start growing, weeds will multiply less quickly having been removed just before frost.

Pruning- So important that each plant and shrub is pruned correctly before the winter months! We provide plant and shrub specific pruning because there is a certain way to properly prune plants and shrubs. The Daphne Carol Mackie shrub is a great example of a shrub that needs special pruning. They should be deadheaded (removing all the old buds) and then plant should be cut down six inches. A final pruning is to assure the health and survival of each plant throughout the winter.

Garden Clean Up- Necessary to get the garden ready for the next spring with a tidy closing using proper cleaning and pruning techniques.

Winter Bed Preparation- We use the technique referred to as “wrapping”. Wrapping is one of the best winter plant covers for protecting plants from cold weather and snow. The three most commonly destroyed shrubs from harsh weather are Carol Mackie Daphnes, Crenata Sky Pencils and Boxwoods. We suggest wrapping them in burlap in order to prevent snow from crushing their delicate leaves and stems.

Winter bed prep also consists of a final feeding of all the perennials with fertilizer. Perennials should also be watered up until the first frost. This watering along with the final feeding will ensure the health of perennials throughout the winter months.

Once your yard and garden have received all aspects of fall clean up services, we highly recommend planting bulbs for next spring. We suggest planting various types of bulbs and bloom times. In order to really appreciate the beauty we like to plant twenty types of bulbs per bloom time, ie. Early to late spring.  

We are giving TEN FREE BULBS to anyone who schedules a fall clean up with bulb plantings by October 1, 2011.

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