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Planting Garlic Seed

Written by Anne Marie DiMatteo | Sat, Oct 22, 2011

"Reading is good but the garden is the best teacher."
-Chistine Allison

Christine Allison has gardened in Dallas, Key West, New York City, and the Catskill Mountains. She and her garden now reside in New York, along with her husband and children. She has a lot of experience in the garden and one of her favorite October gardening tips is on planting garlic seed. After all, this is peak bulb-planting weather so why not try planting a new type of bulb this year? If you put some garlic in the ground this month, you will have a satisfying surprise next June! As Christine says, "It's worth a try, especially while you have your bulb planter in hand."

This is what you do: Get some garlic seed from a grocery store, nursery, organic farmer, online, pretty much anywhere. The trick for buying garlic bulbs is to look for the biggest cloves, because what you plant is what you get! Choose a location with great drainage and lots of sun. Plant cloves in ground about 3 inches deep and 4 to 6 inches part from each other. It will sprout shortly after you plant it, at which time you need to mulch it. If you live in a cold area, plant the garlic slightly deeper and mulch deeply. In the spring you will clip off any blooms, and harvest when the foliage dies back.

Planting garlic seed should be problem free, but for more details on how to plant garlic use the "How To Garden Advice" website.