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The Importance of Wrapping Plants for Winter

Written by Anne Marie DiMatteo | Sat, Dec 03, 2011

Winter sun, wind, and cold temperatures can damage bark, injure or kill branches, flower buds, and roots. Snow and ice can break branches and ruin entire trees. Winter food shortages force some rodents and deer to feed on bark, twigs, flower buds, and foliage, injuring and potentially killing trees and shrubs. All is not bleak, however, as landscape plants can be protected to minimize some of this injury.

The final part of a fall clean up is to winterize, protect your landscape and garden! Winterizing your yard consists of covering plants for winter with burlap wrap and twine.








When wrapping plants for winter make sure make sure all areas of the plant are covered. Wrap plant twice if you live in an area with harsh winter temperatures. Before securing the burlap wrap, carefully position any leaves or branches of the plant to avoid breakage. The last step is to tie the burlap. Wrap a piece of twine long enough to reach around the burlap, but loosely enough so as to not crush the plant. Secure and tie the twine.


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