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Landscape Problems & Solutions (2 of 3): Outdoor Entertaining Area

Written by Anne Marie DiMatteo | Sat, Jan 21, 2012

Welcome back to our Problem & Solutions blog series!

Part 2: Backyard family fun- outdoor entertaining area for kids and adults

Location: Medford, Massachusetts- small city yard

Problem: The couple had an extension added to their backyard and due to the construction and the general existing conditions of the backyard, there was a lot of debris and unhealthy plants in their yard. Their main concern was to increase their space while making their backyard a kid and eco-friendly environment with native and edible plantings. They also wanted to install an entertainment sitting area and plantings for privacy.


Solution: Our first task to achieve their goals was to clear the backyard out of all unwanted materials including dead and unwanted plantings, concrete walls and anything that would be dangerous for children. We had to improve the soil that was completely compressed from prior construction by adding the correct organic matter and minerals necessary according to a soil test conducted.

We included a small patio of pavers for a sitting and entertainment area and surrounded it with edible plants including blueberries and vegetables. We also planted ornamental trees for shade, including an Amalanchier, Oxydendron as well as a Japanese Maple Tree. We planted some native shrubs and perennials throughout the yard to create privacy in the backyard.

An organic lawn was installed to ensure the safety of the children and their dog providing a wonderful and safe playground area. Also included was a garden for the children to learn and grow. Found in the garden space are perennials, vegetables and herbs to give the children a sensory experience of sight, taste, touch and smell.

In partner with this family, Moodscapes created a backyard family fun area for them to enjoy using their outdoors in a safe and eco-friendly way.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of the blog series- Creating Curb Appeal