Top 5 Signs That You Need a New Front Yard Design

As a professional landscape design and maintenance company, we suggest these 5 signals to help you determine if your home needs a new landscape design this year.

Top 5 Signs That You Need to Redo Your Landscape:
  1. Shrubs are overgrown and covering your walkway, house, windows, etc.
  2. Plants are no longer flowering as they should. Maybe light and soil conditions have changed (new construction, trees removed, etc) and the plants can no longer survive in their current location.
  3. No longer have privacy from the new noisy neighbors and busy street.
  4. Front entry walkway is cracked and looks ugly, the stairs are probably too dangerous to use as well.
  5. When you drive home and all of a sudden become sad...believe it or not, landscapes can change your mood!

Another important aspect to consider when deciding to redo or keep a front landscape, is curb appeal. If you are planning a family event or hoping to sell your home this season, curb appeal is very important. If the front of your house doesn't look good, it's much harder to sell and keep the assessed value of a home.


Still unsure if you need a new landscape design? Use our free guide to help:

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