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Simple Garden Design Ideas

If you are looking to create a simple front yard garden, our two favorite suggestions are contrast and focal points.

1-CONTRAST- Properly planned and planted plants with color and texture contrast next to each other in a garden bed can add a lot of character to a front yard design. When selecting plants with contrasting colors, you must make sure they have similar soil and light conditions.

garden design ideas

There are many different shades of green. The right is a green contrast created with a Daphne Carol Mackie (with small dark green and cream variegated leaves) and a Hydrangea Lemon Daddy (yellow/green leaves), these plants also show texture contrast.

garden design ideas




The left picture is a contrast of color and leaf size, between the Hydrangea Lemon Daddy and Sedum ground cover, with a red accent from the flower blooms of the Sedum.


2- FOCAL POINT- Creating a focal point in a front yard garden design, can be as simple as a Japanese Maple or Stewartia pseudocamellia Japanese Stewartia tree. Other types of focal points are garden elements, like water features and large planting element

garden focal point ideas












Adding contrast and a focal point to your yard will enhance the landscape. There are many schools of thought on garden design, we discuss 5 of them here, 5 Principles of Simple Garden Designs.

If you like these ideas for your garden but aren't sure if you have the time for it. Download our design process guide to see if you should hire a professional landscape designer.

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