FAQs About Hiring a Professional Landscape Designer

Studies show that a well-executed, professional landscape design can increase a home’s value by 20 percent. Landscape designers utilize the creative process to plan an outdoor environment that’s a haven for your family and an asset to your home and neighborhood. Employing fundamental artistic design concepts of texture, color and proportion, they create anything from a sweeping, accented lawn to a quiet backyard room for relaxation.

A professional landscape designer relies on a strong horticultural background to suggest the right plants for your individual property and climate, avoiding costly trial-and-error with plants that don’t thrive or detract from a home’s appeal. They also have the skills and experience to interface on your behalf with contractors and vendors involved in the process.

Here are just a few of the benefits a professional landscape designer brings to your project:

  • Analyzes the property and its unique horticultural, artistic and architectural aspects and creates a design plan.

  • Utilizes experience, education and a creative eye to develop solutions to site-specific problems as well as make the most of design opportunities best fit for your property.

  • Selects the right plants and materials to fulfill each design element while adhering to a carefully prepared, affordable budget.

  • Incorporates into the design environmental factors such as sustainability, water conservation and native plant use. 

  • Recommends local suppliers to provide quality materials and reliable labor.

  • Offers practical advice for homeowners who wish to perform work themselves or desire to complete the project in stages.

If you are interested in hiring a professional landscape designer in Eastern, MA please download this guide:

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