Elegant Garden Feature- Water Features

Would you like to add an elegant water feature to your garden for the fall, and all seasons to come? There are many options for water features that range in price, size, and function. A unique, low cost idea for a water feature is adding a bird bath to your yard.

A bird bath is one of the most welcoming garden water features for birds, which is why it is a great feature to add. These range in size, with the deciding factors of which size to buy usually being the type of bird that is native to the area, and which birds the owner wishes to attract. It should be noted that these garden water features do require some maintenance since the water should be kept fresh. This can be taken care of with rain water if placed in a spot in your yard that receives rain.

There are many other types of water features you can add to your yard, but for a simple, low cost way to add water and wildlife, a bird bath is the perfect solution!


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