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Shade Border Plants- Japanese Spurge

Written by Anne Marie DiMatteo | Wed, Jul 11, 2012

One of the most important factors that play into landscape design is understanding the light conditions of a front, back or side yard. When selecting new plants to add to your yard, or moving existing ones around, it is necessary to fully know and understand the light patterns before starting.

Many walkways have narrow mulch beds or grass sections that are plain to see and walk along. Planting along a walkway can be tricky due to the shadows and shade it is most likely to encounter. If you have a small, a narrow space along a walkway, we suggest planting a few ground covers that will fill in nicely as time goes on.

These Japanese spurge were planted this season along a walkway into the backyard. Japanese spurge, Pachysandra terminalis, are great ground covers for small, shady areas in any yard. They are know as the "old and faithful ground cover" because they are hardy and reliable.

There are other types of pachysandra, some are deciduous and others are evergreen. The plant above is an evergreen excellent for zones 6-8. It blooms fragrant, small white flowers in the early spring which adds color to any shaded area.