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Fun Gardening Idea- Reuse Sunflower Stalks

Written by Anne Marie DiMatteo | Thu, Jul 26, 2012




Fun way to reuse materials from your garden! If you have successful sunflowers this year, or had them last and still have the stalks, reuse them! In the fall when the sunflowers are dried (or the squirrels ate them), flower the head of the stem and cut the stem at ground level. Leave them in a dry place (i.e. garage or storage shed) during the winter. In the spring you will be pleasantly surprised at the now heavy,dry, bamboo- like stake you have created out of reused garden materials.

The picutes above are from a family member's garden! She is now growing pole beans up the stalks with pumpkins on the inside of the middle. Such a creative, fun gardening idea!