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Benefits of Personalized Landscape Services

Written by Judith Lipson- Rubin | Sat, Jan 26, 2013

What are the benefits of a personalized landscape design in eastern Massachusetts? A personalized landscape is one that is designed and installed to fulfill your outdoor sensibilities, such as sense of space, privacy, texture,and  color. For a more in depth definition of personal landscapes, please read the article What is a Personal Landscape?

The key benefits of personalized landscape services:

    • Client Centered- Final design plan reflects what the client wants and likes. The plants and materials are carefully selected for your existing conditions and environment. It is developed for what you care about in your yard and home, and it will grow and change as your family does.

    • Sustainability- All materials are picked to fit within your ecosystem and will need very little outside input. A variety of plants (mostly native) are used to create an ecologically diverse environment. Having a variety of organisms is beneficial for creating long-term, low-maintenance landscapes.

    • Functionality- Functionality differs from each household and family according to your needs. Do you need lawn space for kids to play in? Then you will have a green, organic lawn that is safe for your children to roll around in. Do you enjoy entertaining friends and family? It is necessary that your patio works within your yard to create a private place for having others visit. If it is designed just to your yard and needs, then it will function the way that maximizes your space and mobility, while creating the enclosure and paths you desire. As it grows and develops you will have a variety of textures, smells and colors that you enjoy, ultimately creating an outdoor living space you will enjoy.


Having a personalized landscape design done for your yard requires hiring the right landscape design and build company. When researching companies in your area, make sure to use professional landscape listings like NOFA and NELDHA, which only list properly licensed and highly qualified landscape professionals.

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