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A couple weeks ago, NOFA Organic Lawn Care Certificate Course was offered to landscape professionals to learn about and stay up-to-date with the latest information on organic land care. The course touched upon topics ranging from storm water management, soil biology, and information on organic approaches to lawn care. The course was guided by the Organic Land Care Standards approach to all landscape situations.

Mike Nadeau, a founder of NOFA, taught a course on "Lawn Alternatives" for the New England area. He emphasizes that lawn care is high maintenance, requiring a lot of money and time. Unfortunately the soil structure of New England landscapes does not grow lawn seed well, which is why there is a high use of fertilizers and pesticides. Mike encourages lawn alternatives such as, meadows, moss gardens, and rain gardens. 

When designing landscape plans, Moodscapes always encourages clients to think about lawn alternatives. We love to install ground covers and larger planting beds with native trees and shrubs to minimize lawn space. If our client would prefer to have lawn for their children or animals, we customize organic lawn programs to meet their needs.

Another speaker at the NOFA conference, Chip Osborne, founder of Osborne Organics, a landscape consulting company that offers advice on transitioning lawns, turf, and landscapes from a conventional approach to a natural program. He sheds light on the topic of lawn concluding there are ways to have green grass without compromising the health of humans and the environment. 

Our team works hard to create a natural lawn system to meet the needs of clients wanting a green lawn by using an organic approach which builds soil ecologically and naturally fertilizers the grass.

We are proud to announce that our team now has two NOFA Certified Landscape Professionals and will continue to work hard to design and install organic and sustainable landscape design plans.

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