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Small Backyard Sitting Area in Winchester Massachusetts

Written by Anne Marie DiMatteo | Sat, Mar 23, 2013

A small backyard sitting area for the entire family to enjoy!

Clients in Winchester, Massachusetts contacted our team with the hopes of eliminating some of their dying lawn and unused space in their small backyard. Our designer created a personalized landscape design plan to include a large pea gravel patio surrounded by planting beds. The patio was designed with enough space to have both adult and teenager sitting areas that they could enjoy simultaneously with either a table and chairs or fire pit. The backyard is very shady and therefore all plants had to be shade tolerant. Plants with fragrant blooms and bright colored flowers were also selected to liven the space.

The pea gravel was selected as the patio material because clients wanted their small backyard sitting area to feel very natural and integrated within their existing yard. It was important for the homeowner to be able to move furniture around to incorporate potted plants during the spring and summer months. Our clients were very happy with the new personal landscape in their backyard and love feeling close to nature.


Our team works throughout eastern Massachusetts creating personalized landscape design plans for large and small landscapes. If you are interested in having a personal landscape designed to accommodate your entire family needs, please contact us to being the process.