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healing gardens vs. personalized landscapes

Written by Anne Marie DiMatteo | Sat, Jul 13, 2013

what is the difference between a healing garden and personal landscape?

healing garden:

Clare Cooper Marcus, an expert on healing gardens, provides clarification about what they really are:
 “The term 'healing garden' refers to a variety of garden features that have in common a consistent tendency to foster restoration from stress, as well as other positive impacts on patients, visitors, staff, and caretakers. To qualify as a 'garden,' the feature should contain prominent amounts of real nature . . . . to justify the label 'healing,' a garden should have therapeutic or beneficial effects on the great majority of its users.”

The garden should also allows for physical movement. Strolling paths as well as sitting areas for resting are key aspects. One of the largest, yet often forgotten parts of a healing garden is the natural and positives distractions that are strategically placed by the designer. A positive distraction is an environmental feature or situation that promotes an improved emotional state in the perceiver. It may also block or reduce worrisome thoughts and contribute to beneficial changes in physiological systems such as lowered blood pressure and stress.

personal landscapes: 

A personalized landscape is one that is designed and installed to fulfill your outdoor sensibilities, such as sense of space, privacy, texture, and color. The client views printed plans for approval until completely satisfied. Hardscape materials and plants are carefully selected according to the client's preferences. Once the design is approved, the installation is done with the client approving and having a clear understanding of each step of the project. Meetings and check-in points are built into the installation schedule.

Existing Conditions- This is second important factor for creating personalized landscape designs. As stated before, each yard is different; composed of different soil types, light exposure, native animals, insects, etc. A personal landscape is a sustainable and low-maintenance plan that is designed to thrive in one, very specific yard. When discussing plants and hardscape materials, it is very important to focus on the current conditions of the yard. If these conditions are overlooked, you will end up with a landscape that is unable to survive without the constant input of fertilizers, and many other expensive amendments.

Good news- Moodscapes designs and installs both healing gardens and personalized landscapes

Our team also specializes in Unique Aesthetics- This is something extra that we give to all of our clients. We believe that by selecting the right materials and plants according to their texture, color, scent, and taste, a landscape can transform to a healing garden and therapeutic place for the client to relax and unwind. Throughout the entire landscape design process, we work hard to understand what senses and type of environment our client enjoys most and would appreciate in their yard throughout the year.

If you have interest in either a healing garden or a personalized landscape, please contact us.