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Privacy Landscape Design in Jamaica Plain, MA

Written by Anne Marie DiMatteo | Tue, Jun 25, 2013

Clients in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts presented us with a very challenging situation in their back/ side yard.

Problem: The couple lives in an urban neighborhood with close proximity to neighbors that have to walk through their backyard to access their own homes. They also have other neighbors who added a large deck which now looks down on the small amount of privacy they had left.

Solution: The side yard was redesigned to be more private from the backyard neighbors while keeping privacy from the side neighbors and from the street. A combination deck-patio area was designed and installed, the walkway from front to back was reconfigured to open up the side yard giving the sitting area more space and to increase privacy as the back yard neighbors walk through. Plantings were also strategically placed to encourage privacy and to enhance the feeling of sitting in nature. The new plantings embellish the walkway and sitting area by adding color, texture, height, seasonal interest, and varying bloom times.


Our team worked very hard to design and implement a personal landscape design that would allow for privacy as well as accessibility for our clients. If you are interested in receiving the same type of assistance from our team please contact us to discuss the next step.