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What is a healing garden?

The term "healing garden" is used more commonly, but what does it actually mean and how does a garden become a healing environment?

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  • 5 Principles of Simple Garden Designs

    The most basic principles of garden design include simplicity, rhythm and line, proportion, balance, and focal points. Every gardener should follow these principles in order to achieve a garden space that is aesthetically pleasing and an enjoyable outdoor space.

    1. Simplicity- This refers to a design that has a simple theme with just enough colors and elements to achieve an aesthetically pleasing garden. A simple design is found by using basic garden bed lines and curves.

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  • About Moodscapes LLC - Our Story!

    Over the years, many close friends, colleagues, and clients have asked me, "Why Moodscapes?" I put together this brief explanation for our followers and hope everyone enjoys getting to know me better through this article.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Everyone has questions! Read through this article for our most commonly asked questions and if you still have more check out our website or send us an email! Don't be shy!!

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