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Landscape Problems & Solutions (1 of 3): Urban Landscape Solutions

Welcome to the new blog series- Landscape Problems & Solutions!

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  • Foreman's Favorite- Dwarf Hinoki Cypress

    One of my favorite aspects of living in New England is being able to watch the seasons change and plants adapt with seasonal interest. Most plants have one or two seasons of which they bloom or have bright foliage, very few are considered all season interest plants. Evergreen shrubs are one of the few plants put into this category of having all season interest.

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  • 3 October Gardening Tips

    Anne Marie DiMatteo | 15 October, 2011 | Landscaping Tips

    October in the garden is one of my favorite times of year! Leaves are turning color, flowers are blooming, grass is green and the air is crisp!

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  • Money Saving Tips for Late Summer Gardening

    We still have some time before the end of gardening season! Here are a few helpful tips to save money as you continue to garden until the end of the season.

    1- Discounts! Many garden centers and nurseries have late summer discounts after the summer buying rush is over. It is important to remember though, you get what you pay for. Discounted plants tend to spend too much time on racks and end up in need of some extra attention. Try pinching back stems just above a set of leaves to encourage branching. Before planting, add compost or soil to enrich the soil. Late summer discounts are worth taking advantage of!

    2- TLC! Buying new tools this late in the season is not the best use of money. Give your old tools a little extra TLC as the season comes to an end. Better Homes & Gardens has a great resource for turning worn out tools into great workers again. Check out for more information!

    3- New Flowers! An easy way to change up your garden or to fill in gaps in your garden is to let flowers that sow their own seeds grow where ever the wind takes them! Plants like black-eyed Susan, hollyhock, and alyssum can grow where they blow. By delaying the deadheading process, flowers have an easier time spreading.

    Use these few tips to help save you money and get the most out of this garden season!

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  • Choosing the Right Plants for Your Yard

    5 Quick Tips for Selecting Plants for Your Yard!

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  • 5 Principles of Simple Garden Designs

    The most basic principles of garden design include simplicity, rhythm and line, proportion, balance, and focal points. Every gardener should follow these principles in order to achieve a garden space that is aesthetically pleasing and an enjoyable outdoor space.

    1. Simplicity- This refers to a design that has a simple theme with just enough colors and elements to achieve an aesthetically pleasing garden. A simple design is found by using basic garden bed lines and curves.

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  • Five Reasons to Hire a Landscape Designer

    Do you see the plants, tress, shrubs, and lawn struggling to grow in your yard and wonder how to fix it? Can they even be fixed? What about the site conditions...poor water drainage, too much sun or shade? So many things to think about! That is exactly why you should hire a landscape designer. Some battles are worth fighting, but this time, let the professionals fight your landscape war.

    Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Landscape Designer:

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  • Think Green: Environmental Tips for Landscaping

    Think Green!

    How much to water does my lawn need?

    What kind of fertilizer should I use?


    These are common questions that we hear in the landscape design industry. We believe it is important to always THINK GREEN when answering such questions so here are our Green Environmental Tips for your common questions!

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  • How to Add Curb Appeal to Your House

    A landscape that is well designed and installed will increase curb appeal which can also increase property value.

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  • Increase Your Property Value With Landscaping

    If you are planning on selling your house this year or the next, landscaping is one of the most essential and rewarding things you can do to prepare for the prime selling season.

    A Clemson University study found landscaping can result in more than 100% return on investment. The return on investment is contingent upon the quality of the landscape design and installation project and company. According to Clemson Professor, Mark Henry, "There are few guidelines available to homeowners on the return of investment in sales that could be expected from added investments in landscaping".

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