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It's Time to Test Your Soil

Before starting in your garden, make sure to get your soil tested. Many gardeners and landscape professionals forget this step and plant incorrectly. It is important to know the basic information about your soil in order to what know what and where to plant in your garden.

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  • The importance of a soil test in Massachusetts


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  • Spring Landscaping Ideas and Trends

    A couple weeks ago, NOFA Organic Lawn Care Certificate Course was offered to landscape professionals to learn about and stay up-to-date with the latest information on organic land care. The course touched upon topics ranging from storm water management, soil biology, and information on organic approaches to lawn care. The course was guided by the Organic Land Care Standards approach to all landscape situations.

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  • Garden Maintenance for December

    Thankfully the cold winters of Massachusetts and the northeast mean that we can rest from our garden labors. A few things to make sure you have done:

    • finish mulching and burlap wrapping vulnerable trees and shrubs

    • mark driveway perimeters so snow plows will not damage your lawns

    • clean and service all garden tools before safely storing them away for the winter

    • enjoy the holidays

    It is also a great time to start thinking about your spring landscape plans. If you are looking to redesign your yard, or just add a few more plants, now is the time to contact your local landscape designer.

    Contact Moodscapes if you live in Eastern, Massachusetts- we would be happy to talk with you about your landscape needs and desires!

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  • Fall Garden Preparation

    As the summer months come to an end, it's time to think about preparing your garden for the wonderful fall months ahead. The first step in fall garden preparation is a clean up. Fall clean up services typically include a full garden clean up, as well as, debris and leaf removal services, weeding, the pruning of plants and shrubs, and winter bed preparations.

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  • The Benefits of Mulching Your Landscape

    Mulching has many benefits, not the least of which, is that it makes your yard more asethicialy pleasing. Professor of Landscape Horticulture at Cornell University, Dr. Donald Rakow, believes the three major benefits of mulch are: the reduction of water losses from the soil, the suppression of weed growth, and the protection from soil temperature extremes.

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  • The Benefits of an Organic Lawn in Eastern Massachusetts

    Growing and maintaining an organic lawn is a worthwhile and valuable investment with many benefits for your home. Here in Eastern Massachusetts there are many options available to you to make it easy to reap the benefits, including:

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  • Don't Be Fooled- It's Still Winter

    Despite the warm weather this March, be aware that the ground is still frozen. Here in the Northeast, it is normal to have frosts throughout April and May, which delays the planting season as well.

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  • Top 5 Signs That You Need a New Front Yard Design

    As a professional landscape design and maintenance company, we suggest these 5 signals to help you determine if your home needs a new landscape design this year.

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  • The Importance of Wrapping Plants for Winter

    Winter sun, wind, and cold temperatures can damage bark, injure or kill branches, flower buds, and roots. Snow and ice can break branches and ruin entire trees. Winter food shortages force some rodents and deer to feed on bark, twigs, flower buds, and foliage, injuring and potentially killing trees and shrubs. All is not bleak, however, as landscape plants can be protected to minimize some of this injury.

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