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Ornamental Japanese Maple Tree for Your Garden

Written by Anne Marie DiMatteo | Wed, Aug 22, 2012

One of the most versatile trees for almost any garden in New England, Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) exists in a multitude of forms that provide an endless choice of colors, sizes, and shapes. The most recognizable feature is the hand-shaped leaves, especially with its fall foliage colors of reds, purples, and greens. It varies in size from large shrub to small tree, but all have similar trunks that look great even in the leafless months of winter.

One of the most commonly used Japanese Maple trees is the Bloodgood Japanese Maple (top left). Designers from Moodscapes love to use this beautiful maple in a highly visible area surrounded by ornamental grasses and evergreens to create a peaceful garden. If your yard and budget allow, add a water feature near the Japanese Maple so the lower leaves can dip into the water. The Bloodgood variety has great foliage with burgundy red coloring that turns bright scarlet in the fall. 

The Sango Kaku Japanese Maple tree is another variety that is known as a "coral-bark maple" due to its brightly colored shoots. It is a beautiful small tree that has brilliant coral bark on young branches, with color that intensifies in the winter. It displays deeply cut light green leaves with bright red margins in the spring. This variety also has great fall foliage colors of golden and yellow.

For a front yard or back yard design with one of these, or another variety of a Japanese Maple tree contact Moodscapes! Start by downloading the landscape design guide to better understand the process of hiring a landscape design professional.