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Another fragrant shrub- the Fothergilla plant

Written by Anne Marie DiMatteo | Sat, Aug 25, 2012

Add an early bloomer to your yard for next spring!

The Fothergilla gardenii, either Blue Shadow, or Mount Airy, adds color and fragrance to any garden or landscape. In the spring honey-scented, brush-like flowers appear before the leaves on all Fothergilla plants. They keep their beauty throughout the fall with various foliage colors. Sizes and colors vary between species, such as the Blue Shadow has more of a blue leaf and is larger than the Mount Airy plant, which has a greener leaf and a smaller shrub.

The fall foliage is a mix of red, purple, orange and some green. The Fothergilla plant is a beautiful addition to shrub borders, or for a background in semi-shaded borders.


To have a landscape design professional determine the best location for a Fothergill plant in your yard, contact Moodscapes for a fall or spring install.