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Learn how your yard can change from drab into a vibrant and beautiful one you can enjoy and be proud of.

Every property is special and requires its own unique plan. This discussion is the first step in understanding your goals, timeline and unique requirements.

ecological-yard-careAs far as the actual components of your ecological landscape plan, they will vary depending on what kind of yard you have and what those elements require.

For example, some landscape have a lot of lawn to manage, while others are shaded and full of perennials that need tending.

Customizing your care approach is directly connected to what we find in your landscape; things like the plant types, the sun exposure, the water availability, and soil structure are all layers of your landscape. 

A typical Ecological landscape improvement plan applied through maintenance may include the following:

  • Moving plants from one part of the yard to another
  • Starting or stopping the pruning of plants to help them grow
  • Adding organic matter to improve your soil’s ability to foster plant life
  • Adding flowers and shrubs to add color, texture, and attract pollinators
  • And more...

These are all broad suggestions that will start you on the path of coming up with some ideas about your available maintenance options.

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