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About Judi

A life-changing event motivated me to re-evaluate my life. It was time to find meaning in my work and craft a balance that would free me to spend more time with my then 3-year old son. The outdoors always called to me. It was my place of healing, of safety and inspiration.

I found that being outside, touching the soil and plants, watching and feeling like a part of nature, gave me great solace and joy especially when times felt challenging and painful.

Since I knew that I wanted to make a positive difference in people’s lives, I was convinced from my experiences that landscaping was how I would tap into the meaning I was seeking in my life. After studying landscape design and installation, and then delving into the psychology of healing gardens, I was ready to turn my therapy and my passion for landscaping into a business.

What I discovered was the more I pursued this meaningful work, the more I healed. AND, the more I could see the joy I was bringing to others. I realized that there is a power in nature to shift our moods from dark to bright, from hopeless to hopeful, and from stress to relief. So, Moodscapes was born of that moment of realization. Now, Moodscapes focuses on beauty and health through good design and organic practice, but we take it one step further than that…


About Moodscapes

Moodscapes, founded in 1997, focuses on YOU and your needs to heal, to rest, to be inspired, and to feel the fullness of your life. We achieve this by working MOOD into every design and every gardening effort. This takes time and commitment so we are always nurturing our relationships with you and your land.  Our promise is to deliver a well balanced and beautiful landscape that respects our environment and the deeper meaning in your life too!

Using an organic approach and best practices, we focus on extending your life outdoors to enjoy activities on your own, as a family and with friends. We want to create an opportunity for you to commune with and find joy and peace in nature and to live in an ecologically friendly and healthy environment.


The Moodscapes Way

Our team knows that every day, we are making a positive impact both on the environment and in people’s lives. That is the core of what motivates us to continually provide top-of-the-line service. When we are finished working for the day, we love to feel we have created something that will invite our clients out into the natural world that surrounds them. The joy of creating that beautiful place is our joy, as well as yours.
Moodscapes Team at Work
Moodscapes Team at Work
Moodscapes Team at Work
Moodscapes Team at Work
Moodscapes Team at Work
Moodscapes Team at Work

Certifications and Professional Memberships

At Moodscapes, our concern for the environment and use of best practices has led us to receive education and certifications in organic land care. We take great pride in knowing that all working staff members are educated so that they can receive the most relevant certifications. We believe that in order to provide the best services possible we need to know how and why we are doing so. Moodscapes has memberships with the ELA, AOLCP, MLP, and Green School where we attend continuing education classes and workshops. Judi is also a certified landscape designer and has received certifications in Organic Land Care from the AOLCP and from the MLCP. For the past several years we have received the Angie’s List Super Service award, which is a reflection of our work and the relationships we have developed with our clients throughout the years. We use educational courses not only to gain knowledge for our work but to provide us with a chance to network, build relationships, and teach others.

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       We are always looking to add new talent to our team. If you have a love for working outdoors alongside a team and are interested in learning new sustainable landscape practices, apply today!  

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