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Ecological Landscape Maintenance & Gardening

Moodscapes believes in a holistic, integrated approach to maintaining home landscapes. This means that we are thinking of your landscape as interconnected - all the parts communicate and function with the other parts. Nothing is separate or isolated.

Our organic approach to garden maintenance is sustainable and ecologically based. We observe and emulate nature’s processes in your garden, in order to promote biodiversity, soil health, and plant health. We strive to create harmonious places, which restore and enhance both the environment and your well-being by simply putting you in a good MOOD every time you interact with your landscape!


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The 4 Pillars of Moodscapes Landscape Maintenance & Gardening


The Structural Landscape

What are pieces of a good structure?

  • Flow & Circulation - how you get around in your landscape
  • Stillness & Rest - where you settle down and stay in your landscape
  • Layers & Room - the dynamic look and feel of your landscape


Healthy Landscape

Elements of health

  • Ecological balance - Striving for equilibrium and
    harmony in the natural elements
  • Sustainable design, climate resistant
  • Plant vitality and performance - environments that
    are attractive & healthy


Sensory Engagement

Landscape 5 senses - Moodscapes Mission to connect the landscape to the human experience.

  • Sight - alluring, attractive, beautiful
  • Hearing - Sounds of nature
  • Touch - textures in the landscape: smooth, rough,
  • Smell - scents connect memories that inform the
  • Taste - sweet, sour, fruity edibles in the landscape


Secret Sauce - Our 6th Sense

Moodscapes Promise of helping our clients to find a path to using their private landscape as a direct connection to Mindfulness, a useful practice of well being.

Moodscapes strives to provide you with a sanctuary where you can feel a sense of calm,peace and joy without distractions from the outside world. A quiet place where you can be one with the scenery and nature surrounding you!

eBook: How to Maintain Your Landscape and Transform It Into a Beauty You’ll Love

Types of Ecological Landscape Maintenance & Gardening Services


Gardening of ornamental beds from spring clean up, through seasonal tending, to the final fall clean up.


Focused attention on plant and soil health through soil testing and applied organic principles.


Targeted organic turf and soil care along with proper mowing and trimming practices to nurture a healthy lawn.


Keep your garden fresh with dividing, transplanting, plant additions and rearranging as needed.


Refresh aged landscape areas with new solutions that work seamlessly with your existing landscape.


Enhance gardens by planting perennials, trees and shrubs that encourage pollinators.

Landscape Maintenance & Gardening Service Levels


The Sapphire package is designed for you if you have time to spend and enjoy gardening weekly. Moodscapes will provide the amount of professional ecological maintenance needed during our visits to ensure your landscape thrives.


The Emerald package is a fit for you if you are looking to participate in the care of your landscape when you have free time but don't want the responsibility of the upkeep all season long. Moodscapes, as your partner, will provide the amount of professional gardening services required to allow you to relax and to enjoy your surroundings.


The Diamond Management package is the perfect fit for you if you do not have time to spend gardening, but want to come home and relax in a beautiful and peaceful outdoor space. You will receive the full complement of our Ecological Gardening Services and additional add on services at a discounted rate.

What Our Clients Say About Landscape Maintenance & Gardening

We have had Moodscapes take care of our large garden for 3 years now... They are so conscientious, careful, polite and considerate, a joy to have around.  Their maintenance work is professional, their plantings healthy, and their clean ups thorough...We are so grateful to them for their work to create and maintain a lovely garden for us and the neighborhood to enjoy.
- Arlington, MA
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I have worked with Moodscapes for years, and love how they maintain our garden organically and with care- they are just as fussy about our plantings as we are.  They are great with following through with our finicky requests to baby certain plantings (and aggressively prune others). It is always a pleasure to have the Moodscapes crew working in our yard!
- Lexington, MA
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We’ve had a great experience using Moodscapes for our lawn care and our seasonal bed maintenance.  We went through other landscape companies first before settling on Moodscapes. We’ve been impressed with the care they take with our property and their desire to develop a relationship with us rather than treating us as a transaction. 
- Lexington, MA
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Their choices of locally sourced and organically grown shrubs and perennials along with using ecological and organic procedures have proven themselves right.  Everything seems to thrive and be more resistant to the wild swings in climate, moisture and temperature here on the Cape than before. Using natural products, mulches, etc. seems to have controlled unwanted weeds and incidental growth, while breaking many of my historical habits of using commercial products.
- Onset, MA
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