This is a list of our organic landscape maintenance service options. We would be very happy to provide a quotation for the set of services you need. 


Garden Services:

Moodscapes focuses on plant healthcare during our garden visits. This include the following services:

  • Scouting prior to garden visits to help us to better monitor plants
  • Fertilizing and adding compost to the soil every spring and at each garden visit organic fertilizer is applied so plants have the nutrients to keep them healthy
  • Weeding and removal of invasive weeds
  • Simple pruning and deadheading is done as necessary
  • Edging garden beds and general clean up of property


Comprehensive Pruning:

Comprehensive Pruning begins once plantings are established, usually in the third year of their life cycle.  This ensures that we are able to shape plants to their natural form from the beginning, instead of doing restorative pruning later on.  



  • Spring Clean-up is done in early spring. It includes raking of garden beds, debris removal, pruning of broken branches, deadheading, fertilizing, adding compost, mulching and edging.
  • Fall Clean-up is done in late fall. It includes leaf and debris removal, deadheading and winterizing plants.


Seasonal Plantings:

  • Bulbs planted in the spring and fall
  • Annuals planted for your home planters and garden beds with seasonal updates
  • Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit can be integrated into your landscape 


Other services:

  • Organic Lawn Installation & Revitalization is based on the initial soil test results. The results tell us how much and what nutrients and organic matter the lawn needs to flourish. We apply the organic matter and nutrients along with over-seeding spring and fall. In between we apply the nutrients 2 times. We over-seed bare spots as necessary. It usually takes 3 years to establish.
  • Mowing is done as frequently as needed to maintain the proper grass height of at least 3 inches, per the organic lawn protocol.
  • Edits are the redesigning and addition of plants to the existing garden or other areas of the landscape.

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