5 Benefits of a Landscape Design Plan

benefits of a landscape design planTackling landscaping of your New England property is a daunting prospect. With the help of our qualified, experienced and professional landscape designers, you unlock the full potential of your lot. A great landscape design plan utilizes every positive aspect of your property, which increases curb appeal and your ability to enjoy the outdoors for its beauty and exterior living capabilities.

Benefit #1: A great beginning.

You might look out over your property and see a challenge you don't want to face. A landscape designer looks at your property and sees a world of possibilities. Every kind of yard, from perfectly flat to sloped and hilly, transforms amazingly with a professional landscape design plan. Working with the lay of your property to achieve the maximum benefits is just one of the skills a landscape designer has in their portfolio. Whether you have a layout in mind for your landscaping or don't know where to start, working with a landscape designer gives you all the tools required to create a lush, healthy, functional and aesthetically pleasing exterior environment.

Benefit #2: Reworking past problems.

Not everyone has a clean slate to work with when it comes to landscaping. The right landscape design plan addresses any existing issues such as overgrown trees, root invasion, vine overgrowth and a general "wild jungle" appearance to a lot. Without the right plan and understanding of sun, shade and soil requirements, the proper placement and maintenance of plants and trees is much easier. This leads to suffering plants, overgrowth, drainage issues and a disjointed atmosphere. Your property has the potential to be whatever you desire and when you work with a landscape designer, you gain a better understanding of what plants, trees, hardscape, walkways and exterior structures work best for your particular lot. 

Benefit #3: Simplifying and enjoying life.

Chances are that your property has more potential than you realize. Even the smallest lot becomes a place for outdoor entertainment, recreation and/or flower and vegetable gardens with a thorough landscape design plan. Give your children the outdoor play area they've always wanted or create a patio perfect for warm weather enjoyment and entertainment. Landscaping is also capable of providing privacy with trees and bushes when there is a desire for privacy but fencing isn't a viable option or preference. Your landscape design makes your property into the relaxing, comfortable, lovely and perfectly planned oasis you've always wanted.

Benefit #4: Mapping it all out.

To remove any doubts about how a finished landscape design plan appears upon completion, we provide a visual master plan that shows everything to scale and maturity. We work with you to select native plants that thrive in your particular property conditions and our plan maps out how all new patios, walkways, decks and other hardscape features appear in relation to your house and other existing landscape elements. With our master plan, you see how a planted tree extends shade over your property after it matures. You don't have to worry about plants and trees placed too close to each other or other structures with our professional landscape design plan. 

Benefit #5: From start to finish.

At Moodscapes, we work with you from start to finish and even perform maintenance after completion. You deal with one main person throughout the process and we implement our landscape design plan efficiently and effectively. Our landscape design plans focus on being ecologically beneficial, sustainable and visually interesting through all of New England's four seasons and the challenges they present. From edible gardens, a healing garden oasis, winding paths, sky-reaching trees and colorful blooms, we listen to your every desire to insure that your property becomes everything you've dreamed.

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