eBook: 10 Common Gardening Mistakes That Hurt The Environment

In the last decade, we have become increasingly aware of how our actions can affect the Earth. From the cars we drive to the type food we buy, these activities can have consequences. Landscaping projects can also change the environment, so learning the best organic practices to help protect and preserve our natural world is essential.

This eBook outlines the 10 common gardening mistakes and provide these insights:

  • The use of chemicals
  • Understanding your soil composition
  • The importance of plant diversity
  • Proper lawn care
  • Watering
  • The importance ofpollinators
  • Landscape design
  • Proper handling landscape waste
  • Replanting and rearranging your plants
  • Characteristics of your landscape over time

Making a conscious choice to avoid harmful landscaping practices in your yard might seem tough, but you can have gorgeous landscaping that also benefits the environment. If you avoid these ten mistakes and adopt organic methods instead, your garden will flourish without harming your local ecosystem.

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