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Choosing the Right Plants for Your Yard

5 Quick Tips for Selecting Plants for Your Yard!

1. Know Your Site- It is very important to understand the different weather climates your yard is exposed to as well as the general climate of your area. Part of climate is hardiness zone. Make sure to identify your USDA Hardiness Zone before selecting plants and shrubs you want to plant.


2. An additional site condition to identify and understand is the location of sun and shade in your yard. This is important because some plants require full sun exposure, while other would much prefer full shade and a cool climate.


3. "Wrong Plant, Wrong Place"! Don't let this be one of your mistakes! A simple garden mistake is neglecting to understand plants' needs-- How much sun, shade, dry soil, moist soil, etc. does it require? Another part of choosing the right plants is matching plants with their desired soil conditions. This is only possible through a comprehensive soil test.

4. Aesethics- All plants have varying attributes and characteristics that make them unique to their species. Here is a list of attributes to consider when selecting plants: bloom color, fragrance, bloom time and frequency, foliage color, leaf shape and color, height and width, does it attract or repel wildlife.... Just a few things to think about!


5. Watering Takes Time! When you are educating yourself on various plants, make sure to gather information on their watering needs as well. Certain plants require more water than others so when selecting plants, be honest with yourself and how much time you have to dedicate to watering each plant.

Plants have varying needs to for the best results, get to know them before you buy or plant them!