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Circular Patio- Personalized Landscape Design

personalized landscape designAdd creativity to your backyard with a personalized landscape design plan to incorporate all of your outdoor needs. Our clients wanted a small paver patio just large enough for a few adults to sit and relax on while the children had the rest of the backyard to play. In order to have space in a small backyard for both a patio and grass we designed the circular pattern to fit nicely in the corner. Plantings were added to the existing trees and shrubs around the patio for color and fragrance as the flowers bloomed.

Small spaces can be challenging to work with so it is important to thoroughly plan out a space before executing any changes. Professional landscape designers are trained professionals that can help use landscape space most efficiently and effectively. If you live in Eastern Massachusetts and are interested in hiring a professional landscape designer to design and install a new landscape, please contact Moodscapes.