About Moodscapes LLC - Our Story!

Over the years, many close friends, colleagues, and clients have asked me, "Why Moodscapes?" I put together this brief explanation for our followers and hope everyone enjoys getting to know me better through this article.

Nineteen years ago, after a life changing experience, I decided to leave my career with an Educational Publishing Company as the VP in Sales and Marketing to do something more soulful. I wanted my next career to be geared more towards directly helping people.  At first I considered a PhD in Psychology, but soon realized that was not supposed to be my next career step. The great memories I have of being a little girl and helping my grandmother in her garden have always been in forefront of my mind. Smelling the lavender and picking the lilacs truly comforted me as a little girl. I decided that as an adult 20 years after my grandmother passed away that I wanted to give this feeling to others.

I found that through garden design I could give others this joyous and peaceful feeling as well as express myself more artistically through designing the garden and landscape space. As I thought about it more, I realized that I could make a real difference for people by developing a unique and personal landscape for their yard.

To achieve this goal I studied and received a Certificate in Landscape Design at the Radcliffe Landscape Design and History Program, now the Landscape Institute. I later studied and received a certificate in healthcare and healing garden design at the Chicago Botanic Garden. I formed Moodscapes about 15 years ago with the focus of providing a personal service of landscape design to my clients.

By combining the right elements in a landscape design for an individual you can indeed create a new mood- thus, the name Moodscapes. I believe that by giving people the opportunity to commune with nature by including the types of things around them that make them feel good, it will stimulate all the senses. Whether this is through water, smells, textures, sounds, certain colors or types of stone or plants; you can create their personal landscape to be a calming, healing, and an exciting environment.

Over the years of being a professional landscape designer, I have met many wonderful people and have been given the opportunity to help transform their yards and moods. As I learn more about the field, I look forward to meeting and working with many more inspirational clients.


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