Getting Ready for Spring- Tips for Your Garden and Yard

Spring Is On Its Way! 

Here are few suggestions for getting your garden and yard ready for the warm weather and green grass.


  1. Wash out your birdbath, hang your bird feeders and fill them.
  2. Get those garden tools ready! Remove all dirt, clean and sharpen any tools that have been neglected since last season.
  3. Take the time out of your day to look at the buds and the birds returning for some warm weather!
  4. Plan out your goals for your yard and garden. In order to fully understand your site conditions and what damage happened to your plants and shrubs during the winter, consider getting in touch with a local landscape designer for a consultation or spring clean up.
  5. Order your seeds or plants! Whether you are doing a perennial or vegetable garden, now is the time to get your seeds and start growing them indoors. If you order plants, they won't be delivered until they are ready to be planted. If you want to wait to order perennials until they are available, you can check your local nursery as well. We recommend ordering plants from White Flower Farm and seeds from Comstock Seeds (a 200 year old garden supplier).

Perennial Suggestions to Help Get You Started

Sunny Spot Shady Spot
butterfly-bush      signs of spring


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