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Benefits of Using Native Plants of the Northeast

Throughout the past few years it has become a very popular trend for designers to create a native plant garden design, and for good reason.  The benefits of using native plants in your home garden can be extensive.  Some of them are:

  • They create a protective cover for wildlife.

  • They provide seeds, nuts, and fruits for squirrels and other mammals.

  • Native garden design is more sustainable, as it uses less natural resources that are not necessarily abundant in the area.

  • They are low maintenance options because they occur naturally in the area and do not need to be nurtured like a foreign plant.

Native Plants of the Northeast
New England has the benefit of being highly adaptable towards the native highbush blueberry shrub (Vaccinium corymbosum) that grows in wetlands, but can also thrive in average garden soils. American witchhazel (Hamamelis virginiana) is known for its versatility, and grows well from wet to semi-dry and from sunny to partly shady conditions.

Highbush Blueberry ShrubHighbush blueberry shrub

Choosing native plants immediately has a positive impact on the local environment that has been so readily damaged in conventional garden design.  Native garden design creates a much healthier and more sustainable environment for all local habitats, including the plants, animals, and ourselves.
American Witch HazelAmerican Witchhazel

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