Best Fall Colors in New England

Before the wind and early snow take away the rest of our fall foliage, make some time to appreciate the variety of color New England has this time of year. Plants that have phenomenal fall foliage colors are important to consider when designing landscapes. A few of our favorite fall beauties are: Diane Witch Hazel Hamamelis x intermedia 'Diane', Little Henry Virginia Sweetspire Itea virginica 'Sprich' and Paperbark Maple Acer griseum.

Diane Witch Hazel has rich, red-orange fall color.

Diane Witch Hazel

The key feature of the Little Henry Sweetspire is its fall color pictured below:

fall foliage colors

The Paperbark Maple is said to be one of the most beautiful maples:

fall foliage colors

As you can see, these colors add a significant level of beauty to any landscaped area. Most people when designing their yard think only of their spring and summer value, but choosing plants based on their autumn foliage can add a whole new dimension to the beauty of your yard.

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how to maintain your landscape


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