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Landscape Problems & Solutions (1 of 3): Urban Landscape Solutions

Welcome to the new blog series- Landscape Problems & Solutions!

This will be a 3 part series presenting 3 types of common landscape problems with the solutions our Moodscapes team designed and installed.

Part 1: Urban Landscape Solution

Location: Watertown, Massachusetts -located just a few minutes outside of Boston, backyard size of 840 sq feet.

urban landscape solutionsProblem: A typical urban backyard problem existed here- not enough usable space and the present patio was too small. The owner was looking for a larger sitting area, more privacy, space for the dog, an area for the hammock, more seasonal interest and color and easier circulation around the yard. (Picture to the left).

Solution: Moodscapes was on the job to solve these problems. In order to make the area more usable, we designed an urban landscape solution by adding a larger and more versatile paver patio for entertaining, grilling and sitting. We surrounded the patio with both evergreen and deciducous plants to provide privacy as well as a sense of enclosure. The creation of a circulation path provided curves in the landscape in order to produce a warmer, more user friendly feeling in the yard. The patio was designed with a walkway out of the back yard into front yard allowing more circulation to the yard. (Picture to be added soon!)

All plants were chosen to fit the specific requirements of the site. They were also chosen for their height, scent, texture, color and winter interest. The plants blend well with existing conditions and the new paver patio to create a comfortable personal space. The selection of plants also muted the existing white fence along the back. Aside from selecting plants to mute the white fence, we brought in plants with seasonal interest to improve the backyard landscape throughout all seasons.

Some of the plants we used to add seasonal interest to the small backyard are:

Amelanchier- it has an early spring bloom of beautiful white flowers (see picture to left), which invite birds and create winter interest with their bright red berries through winter months.

We also added a few Ilex crenata ‘Sky Pencil’ plants to ensure deep green throughout all the seasons. This color green also works for a backdrop to the patio for a feeling of privacy and sense of comfort.

Another plant we added to the landscape was the Physocarpus ‘Ninebark’ because the red foliage contrasts beautifully with the dark green of the Ilex crenata. Furthermore, it has a unique mid-season bloom time and continues to add interest throughout the winter with exfoliating bark.
    For the late season bloom, we added a Hibiscus syriacus, also know as the Rose of Sharon. The plant adds continuous color to the backyard landscape design.

Most of our clients prefer a low maintenance job therefore we do our best to design and install with plants that require little pruning and hardscape material that is easy to care for. This particular site will require some pruning and weeding in the spring and fall. It also requires proper snow removal salts to be used on the patio in order to protect the pavers from salt deterioration.

There you have it folks, an urban landscape solution! Create more usable and interesting space by expanding patio space with a circular walkway and selecting certain plants with color and seasonal interest!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the blog series- Redoing a backyard for your family, both kids and adults!