Low Maintenance Gardens for Eastern Massachusetts

native massachusetts plantsIn Eastern MA, there are many different types of gardens that will grow and thrive, even in the finicky coastal MA weather. A few garden types you might want to consider planting are:

  • Flower gardens with beautiful native Eastern MA plants

You can find many native plants that will look gorgeous in your yard, and will also do well. A few examples are Vernonia lettermannii 'Iron Butterfly', which is a perennial that is covered with purple flowers in the late summer and often have real butterflies feasting upon them.

Another beautiful flower is Aquilegia canadensis 'Canada Columbine'. This is a rugged, native perennial which prefers moist, sandy soil, but will tolerate dry soils. Its beautiful tubular flowers will look gorgeous in your yard, and will attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and more.

  • Rock Garden

Another great idea for a low-maintenance garden which includes native plants is a rock garden. native rock gardenThese are popular because people naturally "scatter" small and large rocks all over their yard, then allow plants and flowers to grow among them. The rocks provide an attractive walkway, or add a nice touch to a koi pond. It is beautiful elegant, and a great idea for native Massachusetts plants like Creeping Juniper, which is a native ground cover.

  • Vegetable Garden

It's great being able to eat the fruits of your labor, so try a vegetable garden in your backyard and do that this summer.  Grow kale, onions, and green beans. Since they are native to the area, they will live and thrive, and you can enjoy them on your table for dinner.

If you need more ideas about these and other beautiful gardens for your home and property, then the landscape designers at Moodscapes are ready to help you. They are the experts, and can also answer all of your questions.

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