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Spring is Coming: 4 Tips for the Beginning of Gardening Season

The arrival of March means we are just weeks away from consistently warm weather here in the Massachusetts area. While we’ll certainly see some colder days, it’s also time to start preparing for the spring season. Beginning in mid to late April, homeowners in the region can get back into a consistent routine for gardening and landscaping.

Below are four tips you should follow to ensure that you transition smoothly into the warmer season and set up your garden and yard for a fruitful growing season.

spring gardening

1. Continue cleaning up

Just as we advised you to do in colder months, it’s important to keep your garden clean when the weather is warm. The only difference is, now that the earth is drier and harder, you can spend more significant blocks of time working in your yard and garden areas. Remember to pull weeds, remove chunks of dead wood, and free up space that has been covered by debris and other objects. Be careful while weeding: It’s likely that there’s still a few perennials in the garden that you don’t want to disturb, since they will help contribute to the fertility of your soil.


2. Look for winter damage


If you’ve been through a Massachusetts winter before, you know there’s usually plenty of snow and ice to go around. While the snowfall may look nice, when it melts or freezes it can lead to moisture or frost damage around important parts of your yard or garden. Be sure to take a careful look at your yard to see if anything has been affected by winter precipitation, especially in areas where you know snow tends to accumulate.

winter garden care

3. Visually assess your yard


When the seasons change, it can similarly lead to changes in the way things in your yard grow. Make sure to closely check for areas that have uneven plant growth or a significant number of dead plants – this could be an indicator that part of your yard needs extra attention when you go to plant. Also remember to check for grass disease, commonly caused by fungus. Signs of lawn disease include thin or white grass growth or wilted blades.  


4. Plan to compost and mulch


You might not need to start laying compost or mulch as soon as it gets warm – we typically see homeowners complete this task around April. However, it’s never too early to start preparing. You should survey your yard to see which areas you might need overseeding, when you layer more seeds on top of grassy areas instead of digging up what you already have. If you haven’t already, now is the time to purchase your mulch and compost. If you need more soil, be sure to find a mix with plenty of organic matter and the right pH balance to ensure your plants grow successfully – check out our recent blog post for more information.

Once the snow and cold leave the area, it’s easier to appreciate how beautiful Massachusetts really is. Make sure to prepare your lawn and garden for a fruitful growing season, and if you need help opening up your yard, give us a call today.

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