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3 Worthwhile Tips for Soundproofing Your Backyard Space

Living in a busy urban area often disrupts enjoyment of your backyard. The sounds of cars driving by and loud neighbors can interrupt socializing with friends or quiet, post-work meditative time. Fortunately, with some well thought out landscaping, you can help muffle these sounds and create a more tranquil space in your yard.

These three tips will help you soundproof your backyard so that it is more enjoyable, even if you live in a dense, populous neighborhood:

soundproofing a yard

1. Use plantings to block the areas where sound comes from

The first step in sealing off noise is looking for its source. It is likely that as you survey your yard, you’ll notice areas that are noisier than others. Use strategically-placed plantings and fences in those areas to help block out the noise.

The key with these plantings is to make them dense. Thick plant growth will help absorb the unwanted sound. Other options include using a solid fence or even screening. When using a solid barrier, it is nice to complement it with plantings to help with sound absorption. A screen can add a nice texture to your yard as well.

Mixing different ways of screening your yard to muffle sounds has the advantage of not only absorbing sound but blocking out light pollution and giving you a greater sense of privacy.

2. Use pleasant sounds to block out unpleasant ones

Wind chimes, tall grass, and water features are great ways to create relaxing sounds that help cover up the unpleasant sounds of a busy neighborhood. While you’ll still want to have the means to shield yourself from other noise, these features will create a better ambiance than the noise that might bleed through.

soundproofing a yard

  • Wind chimes are a classic relaxing sound for the backyard, but be aware that some people do not like them. If there is someone in your house that finds them annoying, think about using a different, equally relaxing sound. If you love wind chimes, you can find a wide variety here.
  • Water features not only create a relaxing bubbling sound, they can be therapeutic. You can find inexpensive premade ones at your local home improvement store, or you can get one custom built.
  • Tall grass creates the calming sound of rustling. It’s not loud, but it will certainly make a pleasant ambiance in your yard. Using a tall prairie grass can complement the look and sounds of other plants moving in the wind.

These are a couple of ways to create more relaxing sounds in your backyard that will help cover up the more industrial sound of the busy world outside.

3. Create a comfortable inner sanctuary within your yard

Using a structure like a pergola or a gazebo to create an enclosure within your backyard can help further reduce noise pollution. In dense, urban areas this may be necessary, and these have the added benefit of protecting you from the summer sun and rain.

soundproofing a yard

If your backyard is small, you may not have enough room for a large elaborate structure or even a thick living wall. Instead, you can create a green screen using vine-producing plants for some protection from unwanted noise. Some green screens have even been designed to be self-watering, making them pleasant to experience with minimal maintenance.

You want your yard to be a tranquil place to find rest after a long busy day. Noise pollution is a serious problem for a lot of people. Using any combination of these can help block out unwanted noise and give you a relaxing place to host guests or get away from the world.

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13 Insider Tip to Creating a Beautiful Contemplation Garden

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