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Zach Rubin | April, 2024

The Beginner's Guide to Planting a Vegetable Garden: 5 Important Steps

Planting your own vegetable garden can be a rewarding experience in more ways than one. Beyond the positive environmental impact, vegetable gardening can be a stress-relieving hobby that increases your time outdoors and ...

Zach Rubin | February, 2024

Plant a Garden in 2024: How to get started now

In the winter, walking out to fetch the mail may be one of the only ways you're scratching the itch to spend some time outdoors. These short forays to the front stoop or the end of the driveway don't allow us to get a ...

Judith Lipson- Rubin | April, 2023

The Hidden Benefits of Fungi

Mushrooms play a very important role in many different ecosystems. The fruiting bodies are a source of food for many different species, not just humans, and on a smaller scale, the mycelium digests and decomposes ...


Judith Lipson- Rubin | June, 2022

Organic Gardening to Offset Rising Food Costs

Supply chain shortcomings are topping news headlines left and right lately, and it’s not just the latest cars and electronics being affected. Food shortages and price increases are becoming the new normal, and many ...


Judith Lipson- Rubin | April, 2022

The Best Garden Landscaping Tips Every Homeowner Wants to Know

There are few better feelings than getting outside and getting lost in your garden. No matter what the task at hand involves, from pruning and weeding to ensure your beds look beautiful, it’s an amazing feeling to ...

Container Gardening Ideas

Judith Lipson- Rubin | February, 2021

Container Gardening Ideas You’ll Love to Know

The pandemic has brought about a number of widespread changes in how we live, eat, and thrive. Gone for now are the days of carefree eating out. Tightened budgets often mean tightened belts as more and more Americans ...


Judith Lipson- Rubin | September, 2018

3 Vegetable Garden Tips for Fall in Massachusetts

Growing vegetables and other edible plants is one of the most rewarding forms of gardening. You get to enjoy the fruits of your labor - literally - with fresh food, spices, and herbs that can be used in delicious meals. ...

garden landscaping

Judith Lipson- Rubin | March, 2018

A Beginner's Guide to a Massachusetts Vegetable Garden in 2024

Growing your own food is healthy, reduces your environmental footprint, and can even reduce stress and improve your mood. But before you jump into buying supplies for a vegetable garden, you’ll want to do some planning. ...

tomatoes vegetable garden

Judith Lipson- Rubin | March, 2018

How to Plan Your Vegetable Garden in Massachusetts

Growing your own food has many benefits. Not only does it help you establish a more organic space in your yard, it allows you and your family to eat nutritious foods that are natural and healthy. But creating a thriving ...

Judith Lipson- Rubin | March, 2014

Companion Planting with New England Native Plants

One of the best ways to create an ecological garden is by planting more native plants. Planting native plants enhances and supports your local ecosystem which has more benefits than we can imagine. When selecting plants ...

Anne Marie DiMatteo | March, 2014

Customized Garden Design with Edible Garden Plants

Home owners are more aware of the beauty and ecological benefits of an edible garden, and some are hiring professionals solely for their help with adding a variety of edible trees, shrubs, and perennials to their ...

Anne Marie DiMatteo | February, 2014

Common Misconceptions About Edible Gardens

Many people think to have an edible garden (a garden with fruit and vegetable plants), it has to be in a large, fenced in section of their backyard. This is not only false, but far from the truth.