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Curb appeal landscaping

Judith Lipson- Rubin | January, 2024

Curb Appeal Landscaping Ideas for a Great First Impression

Whether you’re looking to make changes to your home to make it a more enjoyable place to live or you want to make it more attractive for resale, there's plenty of options for adding curb appeal.

landscape design ideas

Judith Lipson- Rubin | December, 2020

Landscape Design Ideas You'll Love to Know

The pandemic has had some unusual positive effects on people, and one of them is the upsurge in home improvement projects. Homeowners everywhere have gotten busy putting in new patios, firepits, walkways, gardens and ...

foundation plants

Judith Lipson- Rubin | September, 2020

How to Pick the Best Foundation Plants for Great Curb Appeal

Nothing improves the beauty of a yard and the curb appeal of a home more than the right plantings. Color, texture, size, and shape combine to create a unique and attractive environment that adds value as well as beauty ...

Judith Lipson- Rubin | August, 2017

5 Fun and Creative Ways to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The front of your house is the first thing that people see. What does yours say about you? Creating a warm entryway makes your house feel welcoming and gives a great first impression. A home with great curb appeal isn’t ...

Anne Marie DiMatteo | October, 2013

Front entrance landscape design- one year later..

Above is a picture of a natural field stone walkway and front garden bed our team installed last year. Plants, trees, and shrubs are growing well together and the field stone walkway adds an element of elegance and ...

Anne Marie DiMatteo | September, 2013

Front yard landscape design in Framingham, MA

The Moodscapes team designed and installed this front yard landscape design last year. The beautiful shrubs, perennials, and trees are in full bloom with various colors and texture throughout the front garden beds. The ...

Anne Marie DiMatteo | July, 2013

Front Yard Landscape Design for Curb Appeal

Front yard landscape design done last summer by our team. We designed and installed the three garden beds in photo above. Our client wanted to enhance her curb appeal while maintaining a neat and orderly look to the ...

Anne Marie DiMatteo | June, 2013

Front Yard Garden Design

This is a photo from a design and installation job we did last summer of their beautiful front yard garden design in full bloom! The colors and textures all work so nicely next to each other and compliment the style of ...

Anne Marie DiMatteo | June, 2013

Colorful Garden Landscape Designs

The colorful garden combination above is from a front yard garden design in Arlington, Massachusetts. The homeowner wanted colorful blooms combined with various textures and flower shapes and sizes. The pink shrub is an ...

Anne Marie DiMatteo | April, 2013

Side Yard Natural Field Stone Walkway

Create an elegant and easy to follow path in your side side by choosing a natural field stone walkway. Flat field stone is the most natural looking stone and when installed correctly, can become a smooth surface to ...

Anne Marie DiMatteo | December, 2012

Front Walkway with Pavers in Massachusetts

Watertown residents wanted to enhance the front of their home with a walkway that would invites friends and family into their beautiful home. In collaboration with the homeowners, Moodscapes designed a paver walkway ...

Anne Marie DiMatteo | November, 2012

Front Yard Landscape Design in Watertown Massachusetts

Homeowners in Watertown Massachusetts contacted us to redesign and install their front yard. They wanted to remove the overgrown shrubs and replace with something more appealing. Our design team shaped the existing ...

Anne Marie DiMatteo | October, 2012

Front Entry Walkway in Watertown Massachusetts

At our client's home in Watertown, Massachusetts, a beautiful arbor design is complimented by an existing Hydrangea paniculata 'Pink Diamond' Tree. Well designed front entry walkways connect the front yard to the back ...

Anne Marie DiMatteo | July, 2012

Natural Field Stone Walkway

Field stone walkways create a natural, elegant, and easy to follow front yard entrance way. Flat field stone is the most natural looking stone and when installed correctly, can become a smooth surface to follow along. ...

Anne Marie DiMatteo | April, 2012

How to Extend Entertainment Space Outside

For many homeowners here in the Northeast, having enough space for entertaining guests can be a bit challenging. A good cost-effective alternative to full-scale home additions or remodeling is creatively extending your ...

Anne Marie DiMatteo | March, 2012

How To Design Your Backyard- What's the Best Patio Size?

A patio is an investment not only in the value and outdoor appeal of a home, but also an investment in the quality of life for the homeowners that live there. A quality outdoor patio material and of the right size ...

Anne Marie DiMatteo | January, 2012

Landscape Problems & Solutions (3 of 3): Creating Curb Appeal

Welcome to our 3rd and final blog of the Landscape Problems & Solutions series!