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Doctor’s Orders: 6 Little Known Health Benefits of Gardening

Being outside, interacting with nature, and actively gardening are beneficial for both emotional and physical health. Simply being in nature can enliven your well-being, and is a welcome break from a sedentary workplace with harsh, artificial lighting.

These are six health benefits to help motivate you to get outside, get your hands dirty, and enjoy your garden:

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  • Most Popular Meditation Garden Backyard Layouts and Designs

    The way you design and plan your meditation garden is a matter of individual preference. There are many factors that may go into deciding how to create your own space to relax and unwind. Here are some features that have both proven to be both popular and effective in creating a tranquil meditation space in your backyard:

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  • Do More Than Just Garden: 5 Tips for Creating a Relaxing & Remedial Landscape

    Is your garden just a garden, or is it providing you with a place to escape and find rejuvenation? With some careful thought, you can create a beautiful place where you’ll find rest from a busy world. These five tips will help you landscape in a way that is relaxing and remedial.   

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  • How can my outdoor living space help the natural environment and assist in healing and relaxation?

    Gardens are a great option for creating an area that is both soothing and good for the environment. When landscaping, you need to consider your personal preference and the effect the plants you choose will have on the environment.

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  • What Are the Best Plants for Shade Gardens?

    Are You Growing Plants in the Shade?

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  • healing gardens vs. personalized landscapes

    what is the difference between a healing garden and personal landscape?

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  • How does a garden "heal"?

    The characteristics that make a garden therapeutic or "healing" to someone is personal for each individual. For me, driving up to my house and seeing this mixed perennial and shrub border in bloom with different shades of color, various textures, and fragrant shrubs is healing. After a busy or stressful day, what I enjoy most about arriving home is walking up my front steps and experiencing the tranquility that my front garden design offers and the feeling of peace that is restored inside of me- a true healing landscape.

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  • Benefits of Personalized Landscape Services

    What are the benefits of a personalized landscape design in eastern Massachusetts? A personalized landscape is one that is designed and installed to fulfill your outdoor sensibilities, such as sense of space, privacy, texture,and  color. For a more in depth definition of personal landscapes, please read the article What is a Personal Landscape?

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  • What is a personal landscape?

    Every home, landscape, and family is different. When deciding to redesign your landscape, choose a landscape design company that will create a personalized landscape design and installation to work within your existing yard conditions, as well as meet your personal and aesthetic desires. 

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  • What is a Landscape Design and Build Company?

    A landscape design/build company is responsible for all aspects of the project from initial consultation through design and installation. Some companies also provide long-term maintenance. The company starts with a consultation with the potential customer in order to gather all information necessary for the job in terms of goals, budget, and schedule. After the proposal is agreed upon, a design plan is drawn up and a schedule is set for installation. Some clients wish to have long-term maintenance services, which is why many landscape design companies have started year round maintenance services.

    Here at Moodscapes, we approach new projects differently than other companies. As our mission statement states, we work hard to create inspirational and harmonious landscapes by combining the clients practical needs and aesthetic desires within the existing conditions of the landscape. Our team offers personalized landscape services from start to finish. We take pride in our detailed design process and continuous conversation with the client from the start with consultations, to the end of the installation. In order to create a personal landscape we take extra steps throughout the consultation, design process, installation, and even maintenance if a client chooses.

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