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6 Fun, Creative Ways to Make Your Landscape Beautiful

One of the nice things about maintaining a healthy landscape is the aesthetic appeal. We believe that fewer things are more beautiful than an environmentally-friendly yard that forms a natural part of the local ecosystem.

Beyond that, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to colors, types of plants, and arrangements, but some techniques have broad appeal. Here are 6 of the most popular ways to make your yard more beautiful:

make landscape beautiful ideas1. Stagger your bloom times

 Yards in Massachusetts are able to accommodate many different kinds of plants with bloom times throughout the year, from spring to fall. If you grow plants with a variety of bloom times, they’ll become staggered enough so that you have flowers in bloom during most of the warm season.

2. Use layers in your garden

 The different elements of your yard should be arranged like the natural environment, with layers at various heights: groundcovers are closest to the ground, followed by perennials then shorter and larger shrubs with trees of varying heights representing the top layer. Try to emulate this structure by considering the health of plants in your yard at each level.

make landscape beautiful ideas

3. Attract pollinators

 Nothing complements nice-looking flowers in your yard better than attractive creatures like birds and butterflies hovering between plants. An easy way to attract these colorful animals is to grow flowers that are a natural part of a pollinator’s habitat. If you’re specifically interested in attracting birds, you may also consider setting up a small birdbath or bird feeder.

4. Blend colors

 The great thing about using different plants in your garden is each one has their own unique profile. Colors are just one example — you can also mix up different textures, scents, and plant sizes to create different moods and feelings in various parts of your yard. This doesn’t always require using many different plants: sage, for example, comes in purple, red, pink, and white, among other colors.

5. Plant vegetables

 The benefits of vegetables extend beyond your garden and onto your dinner plate. The advantages of eating whole, organic foods are well-documented. Adding vegetables to your garden not only means you get some more interesting plant life in your yard, it gives you something to look forward to each year: harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables that you can cook and enjoy with meals.

make landscape beautiful ideas

6. Incorporate water features

The sound of water falling or moving around is often used to help people relax. An attractive water fixture can also improve the aesthetic of your yard. Depending on what you plan on installing, a water feature can also serve as a natural method of irrigation, helping to deliver water to far areas of your yard. You don’t have to build an elaborate fountain or system of channels right away — adding a basic fountain is enough to give your yard some extra charm and character.

Learn how to make your yard a reflection of your own personality by downloading the ebook titled "How to Maintain Your Landscape and Transform it into a Beauty You'll Love."

how to maintain your landscape


Finding an expert to help beautify your landscape in Eastern Massachusetts 

It’s always nice to start a yard project, but for best results, you’ll want help from a skilled professional that has done it before. If you’re thinking about these or any other yard maintenance projects to improve the look of your outdoor space, give our team a call. We have years of experience working with homeowners who want to use ecological gardening to make their yards look nice while serving as a natural habitat that improves the local environment.