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4 Most Valuable Tips for Installing Drip Irrigation System

Water conservation is important: it helps preserve limited natural resources, conserves energy, and saves you money. A properly engineered drip irrigation system can give your plants the exact amount of water that they need to thrive. With a lot of products available on the market, purchasing a new system can feel daunting. These four tips will help you know where to start.

installing drip irrigation system

1. Invest in a high-quality system

The most important thing to do is invest in a high-quality drip irrigation system. You could go to your local box store and buy a basic do-it-yourself system, but these will give you less control and break down more quickly than a high-quality product.

If you are very handy, you can go to a local irrigation supply store and purchase the components for one there. However, we suggest working with a local landscaping company that will help you find a business skilled in installing irrigation systems. Regardless of what route you take, be sure you get a drip system and not a sprinkler system, as the latter wastes water.

You’ll want a system where you can control irrigation time and water flow rates for multiple zones.  These systems are more complicated but will give you considerably more control over how much water you use and help get your plants precisely what they need.

Lastly, when shopping for a company or system make sure it is WaterSense certified. You can find out more about the WaterSense program here. The EPA website has lots of tips for creating water-friendly landscaping, plus suggestions for buying other water-conscious products.

installing drip irrigation system

2. New plantings versus old

If you have a well-established garden or lawn, it needs less water than new landscaping. You’ll need to make sure recently landscaped areas get plenty of water. Some products have recently come on the market to help get new plants the water they need. One example is a Gator Bag, which slowly releases water and nutrients into the soil so your trees will thrive.

Older landscaping needs less water than plantings you are trying to establish. Over the first three years of your new garden, you should slowly reduce the amount of water you are using. With established plants, let your ground dry out a little bit — this will encourage roots to grow deeper and be healthier. How much water you use will be dictated by the climate and season.

3. Know what your plants need

One of the worst things you can do for your plants is overwater them. Learn how much water your plants need and don’t give them more than that. A little less may even help them thrive.

Additionally, find out your plant's needs for each season and how the microclimate will affect them. Adjust the amount of water accordingly. For example, plants in sunny spots will need more water than ones in shady spots. Many plants need less water in the fall season as they start to go dormant for the winter. If you live in an area has a rainy season, you won’t need to use more water during that time.

installing drip irrigation system

4. Get a professional

Irrigation systems can be intricate and challenging to install. Unless you are a very handy person, you’ll probably want to hire a company with experience. We recommend working with a landscaping company like Moodscapes which has the knowledge of what equipment you’ll need for your property and the connections with local businesses who understand proper installation methods for a drip irrigation system. Additionally, a landscaping company will be able to set up the irrigation system so that your plants get exactly the amount of water that is needed.

If you’re ready to use a high-quality drip irrigation system, give us a call here at Moodscapes, and we’ll get you started towards a stress-free method of keeping your lawn healthy. A new system will help you have beautiful landscaping that saves you money on water and is better for the environment.

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10 Common Gardening Mistakes that Hurt the Environment

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