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4 Important Characteristics of an Organic Landscape Company

Organic landscaping is both a process and a strategy for creating a beautiful, dynamic landscape while supporting a low-environmental-impact installation and maintenance approach. And while organic landscaping may not be the least expensive or  fastest method in the short-term, over time it will prove less expensive, healthier and more sustainable than more traditional techniques that depend on manufactured fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. 

organic landscape Company

What sets a truly organic landscaping company apart from its traditional landscape businesses are four fundamental characteristics that help create an integrated, healthy, and harmonious landscape that requires minimal intervention to maintain:

1) Comprehensive property assessment Landscaping professionals who embrace an organic approach will conduct a thorough assessment of the property to determine what it needs to thrive, including:

> Soil testing to determine composition, nutrient content, acidity/pH level, compaction, moisture content and other factors that can affect soil health and fertility. Everything starts with the soil and ways to improve it so that plants will thrive naturally.
> Environmental analysis including water availability, drainage, sun and wind exposure and any other factors influencing growing conditions.
> Existing plant assessment to understand what grows naturally in the area and how to help determine what plantings would be best-suited to that specific environment.

2) Soil-first strategy No landscape project will succeed in the long run without good soil as the foundation – it is the cornerstone of a healthy environment. Proper plant selection goes hand-in-hand with the soil. Based on their property and soil assessment, an organic landscape company will recommend native plants and plant communities that can thrive synergistically with your property’s unique ecosystem to create an appealing, low-maintenance landscape. 

3) Low environmental impact techniques Many traditional landscaping companies take the easy route with their work, without accommodating the natural environment. This often leads to negative consequences such as soil compaction, erosion, and the destruction of plants and habitat in and around the areas where they work.

An organic landscape company, on the other hand, will adapt its practices to the natural ecosystem. They will incorporate hardscape designs and plantings into the natural surroundings to leave existing plant and animal life undisturbed; encourage proper drainage; and take advantage of sun, wind, and shade. An organic landscaping company will perform plantings and maintenance efficiently and effectively to minimize environmental impact. This includes carefully-considered comprehensive and structural pruning to maintain the plants’ health and beauty. A good organic landscaper will also provide advice on how to sustain a healthy, organic lawn and garden in the long-term, based on your specific soil composition and plant ecosystem.

4) Science-based landscape care and maintenance A reputable organic landscaper utilizes data-driven best practices in designing, installing, and maintaining landscape elements. They will take the time to carefully analyze and evaluate the entire ecosystem of your property to understand the relationship between soil, plants, and environmental conditions so they can align their design concepts and plant recommendations with your property, lifestyle, and goals. 

A truly organic landscape company such as Moodscapes can provide you with a direct connection to nature by creating beautiful, ecologically-friendly outdoor spaces that don’t rely upon non-organic chemical enhancements to maintain them, relying instead on building the soil up to create a  naturally-sustainable environment for plant growth. 

At Moodscapes, we use environmentally-safe best practices and materials designed to bring out the best in nature and enhance your outdoor living experience. To learn more, contact the organic landscaping specialists here at Moodscapes

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